Hello! I am Melina!

Hello ! I am Melina! Nice to meet you all! Now, i can’t say how old i am because ….i am still in my mothers belly!! Yeapp!!! I am going to be born in a few months , just around the end of January. I am a bit scared i have to say….
I have two older brothers and we are all leaving in a suburb of Athens, Greece . This is my mother’s blog where i will be sharing all the adventurous stories, all the funny games and all the new things that i learn. Actually my mother is going to help me with that in the beginning…
My mom on the other hand will be writing about all our d.i.y. projects, her nursery decor ideas ( …she is great at that!!..), healthy snacks and party inspiration. Isn’t this awesome???
So follow us if you are a craftaholic , if you are a parent or a mother to be or if you just want to hear my stories!