DIY – How to make a catnip toy for cats

Did you know that cats react to catnip? Well not all of them !!! Most of them! Approximately 50% of them but not kittens . Don’t worry, catnip doesn’t hurt your beloved friends! It just stimulates them . That reaction only lasts for about 10 to 15 minutes and if your cat interacts with catnip very often she will eventually loose her interest to it!!

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Still a catnip toy is a very good way to get your kitty up and moving. Now there are many catnip toys to choose from


fish cat toy

but i am going to show you how to make one using your own materials or by purchasing one of my d.i.y. craft kits.

Here is what you will need :

– a piece of felt ,what ever color you like most,

– thread and needle

– ribbons

– a bit of stuffing

– catnip

– pen and scissors

diy catnip


On the felt piece draw a fish and cut it . Start sewing with the thread and when you reach for the tale stop. Take the ribbons and make a knot with all of them . Place the knot inside the fish’s tale and continue to sew.  Don’t sew it all!! You have to leave an opening to put the stuffing and the catnip. You are all done . Your catnip toy is ready! For more fun take a wooden stick and a string. Tie the fish on one end of the string and the wooden stick from the other.  Have fun!!!!

You can find the diy craft kits here  The D.I.Y. lab

diy catnip toy